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The Diploma in Health and Safety Management provided by Inspirit Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd is a one of a kind programme for candidates to gain entry to the Health and Safety sector. The course covers all basic and general knowledge based aspects of health and safety and practical skills for succeeding in a health and safety role. The course can be undertaken by anyone ranging from 10th standard students to working professionals wishing to start or change their career in to health and safety


Two MCQ papers with 50 questions each 
Practical Assessment - Risk assessment and Report writing

Course Duration:

1 month (Crash course)

Qualification Recognition:

The course is a tailored course and the certificate is awarded by Inspirit Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd once the student has achieved the pass grade of 60% for each unit.

Course Materials

Course presentation hand out and notes


·Section A – Health and Safety Management

  • Foundations of Health and Safety Management
  • Health and Safety Management System and its function
  • Roles and Responsibilities in health and Safety
  • Arrangements for health and safety
  • Monitoring health and safety arrangements
  • Auditing and Reviewing performance ·       

 Section B

  • Basic health and safety arrangements
  • Safety for pedestrians o   Safe stacking and storage of materials
  • Safety during Work at height
  • Travelling and vehicular safety
  • Confined spaces o   Hot work
  • Lone working
  • Safety during use of work equipment
  • Manual handling
  • Chemical safety
  • Biological safety
  • Fire safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Machinery safety
  • Work related violence and substance misuse
  • Taking care of vulnerable people
  • First aid requirements
  • Noise and vibration safety
  • Safety to reduce stress
  • Safe mechanical lifting ·        
  Section C

  • Practical Application – TBT, Risk assessment, Management report